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Bhopal Memorial Hospital Baraut is one of the best urology hospital in Delhi providing endoscopic treatments in upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy & Sigmoidoscopy and orthopedic treatment services. The orthopedic department is seen by by Dr. G. K. Singh who is known as the best orthopedic doctor in Delhi NCR while obstetrics / female health issues are seen by Dr. Afsha Rehan. At Bhopal Memorial Hospital Baraut, departments of urology, laparoscopic hernia surgery, kidney stone surgery, plastic surgery and all other surgeries are seen by Dr. Rehan Baraut who is a well-known Gallbladder surgeon and best surgery expert in Delhi NCR.

If you are facing any medical / health problems, do connect with the team at Bhopal Memorial Hospital Baraut. Our treatment services are categorized into 2 facilities viz

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