What are the different types of hernia?

What are the different types of hernia?

What are the different types of hernia?

You must be wondering that are there types of hernia? You, infact all of us have heard only about one type of hernia which is commonly called as the inguinal hernia or the abdominal hernia. None of us have really bothered to know that there actually are different types of hernia that affect different types of patients. Yes, exactly, just like there are different patients suffering from various different diseases, similarly, hernia too falls in to the below category –

What are the different types of Hernia?


  1. Inguinal hernia
  2. Umbilical hernia
  3. Femoral hernia
  4. Hiatal hernia
  5. Incisional hernia
  6. Epigastria hernia


Other than inguinal or normal hernia, I guess almost nobody have heard about all these types. Until- unless you are suffering from one. All these types of hernia do not similar treatment – not too dissimilar though. Normally in all these cases, hernia is to be operated; either single incision/laparoscopic treatment or the normal surgery.

Now a day, almost all the major hospitals, including Dr. Rehan of Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Baraut, are involved in performing the simplest and the easiest technique of surgery which we, in lay man’s language call is laparoscopy. This technique is now used by almost all the reputed hospitals. Because this is the easiest form which includes either one or two incisions; depending up on the patient’s condition, this is one of the easiest surgery to be done and takes less time for the patient to recover. And obviously by this, the incision and the stitches are hardly seen.

So we can classify the two different types of surgeries to repair/treat hernia are –
  • Open inguinal hernia repair or normally called as hernioplasty. This technique involves the basic long cut with as many as 10 to 12 stitches in the abdomen. Also takes time for the patient to recover completely.
  • Laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery. This is also called as the single incision surgery. It is performed with the help of computerized equipment. This gives hardly 2 or 3 incisions in the abdomen with 2 to 3 stitches on each cut. Takes less time to recover.


Closed or Laparoscopic hernia surgery is being performed majorly because of its positive feedback and quick recovery time. This surgery has also improved the patients’ condition drastically and has proven to get an excellent track record.

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