What are the risk factors for Hernia?

What are the risk factors for Hernia?

What are the risk factors for Hernia?


Abdominal hernia is a very common disease. This affects both the female and male adults. It is, rather on the other, affects even the children. The main objective of this article is to study the various risks involved with the person who is suffering from hernia, at any age, of any sex. The main outcome is to learn about various risk factors and the complications involved if someone is suffering from abdominal hernia.

What are the Causes of Hernia?

There is no specific cause of hernia. If you personally consider that how are you suffering from hernia, even the doctors might not be able to tell the exact cause of abdominal hernia - as it is actually unknowns to all; rather you can say that there is no specific reason for hernia to pop up. Some of the common causes as described by the doctors of many hospitals and Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Baraut, have told that obesity can be a common cause of resulting of abdominal hernia. In Saudi Arabia, a study was done, where it was found that obesity to be the most common and controlling factor amongst the people who suffered from hernia. Almost 52% of the population of Saudi Arabia was estimated to suffer from this common hernia problem because they were obese. However, there is no significant ruling that if an obese person performs exercise, he can diminish hernia. Thus there is no study or research that tells that exercise and hernia are co related.

At the same time, in the year 2000, it was also stated that almost half of the obese people can fall pray to getting abdominal hernia - be it male or female of any age group. Apart from this, increasing age is also reported to be another factor for the cause of hernia.

Another factor is that the musculature can be overburdened through increased food intake, as in cases of obesity. Adipose tissue will react to separate muscle bundles and layers, weaken aponeuroses, and can have the appearance of abdominal, hiatus, and direct inguinal hernia.

Therefore obesity, physical strain and pregnancy are important etiological factors in the development of abdominal hernias.


Abdominal hernias are more common in women than in men, there is an obvious relationship between obesity and hernias. Early diagnosis, easily accessible health facilities and health education are important to prevent complications. New modality of treatment needs to be adopted as the standard choice of care to prevent recurrence of hernia.

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