Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery - Current Options in Inguinal Hernia Surgery for Adults

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery - Current Options in Inguinal Hernia Surgery for Adults

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery - Current Options in Inguinal Hernia Surgery for Adults

This article is a detailed study of causes and treatments of surgery for hernia. Hernia is a lesser known disease which is common amongst larger sections in females. This is a problem caused by weakened muscles in abdomen. You might come across some slightest bulge on your navel but you’re not too sure that what exactly this bulge is called. Hence many of you tend to ignore this evident bulge. And when this becomes extremely painful, it is only then you notice it as some problem.

So here, in this article, I will guide you on how to identify symptoms for hernia.

Abstract – 

Inguinal hernia approach is a very common problem that is faced by most of the adults. This is nothing but is simply Hernia which can often be painless, but many a times it is painful. Hernia usually causes pain in the abdomen. Many a times when hernia is not at all painful, oral medications are prescribed by the doctors at the centers.  However, for open wound or to repair the problem, an open surgery or a laparoscopic surgery is done at the centers. 

Causes of Hernia - 

Hernia occurs when there is weakness in the muscular wall which keeps abdominal organs in place. Because of this weakness in the muscle or tissue, the weakened muscle allows the organ to push itself through or bulge towards it on the outsides. This lump sometimes may not be visible, and may disappear while lying down, but it is actually there. Though there is no specific and exact reason for hernia to develop. It can develop at any age. But a surgery is advised for adult patients (open surgery or it can be a laparoscopic one depending up on the condition of the patient.) Normally, the problem of hernia can be seen amongst the middle aged group of people. The doctors have not been able to give an exact theory of why hernia is caused. But medications and laparoscopic hernia surgery is the only treatment. Though the risk of hernia increases with age, but it occurs most commonly in women than men. But if we talk about inguinal hernia, this is common amongst the men than women. 

Incase of inguinal hernia, wait is considered before the doctor advices for any surgery. It is very natural to examine the condition of the patient before opting for an open surgery. This is done because inguinal hernia is a very benign disease, that it does not require any repair through surgeries. Thus in normal cases wait is considered for repair by oral pills, before any complications arise.

Activities by which hernia is caused - 

Amongst the adults, activities that increase the pressure on abdominal wall, creates hernia. Such activities are – 

Constipation from a long time

Straining while urinating

Enlarged prostrate

Regular and chronic cough

Cystic fibroids


Lifting heavy items

Smoking and alcohol

Poor nutrition

Treatment – 

Today, hernia is being treated with a very high success ratio. Many good centers/hospitals have those skilled surgeons exclusively for hernia surgery only. There are several good hospitals like Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Hospitals in Baraut and many more which deal with laparoscopic hernia surgery. For symptoms, a quick medical attention should be taken immediately. However, if the patient is not a minor, an elective repair surgery is the best possible way to treat hernia. Where the condition is benign, oral pills and injectibles are given to reduce the amount of muscular swelling to treat hernia. Laparoscopic hernia surgery is the only treatment when the conditions are worst in case of extreme and unbearable pain in the abdomen and uneven swelling and bulge, the only treatment that is available is laparoscopic hernia surgery, at Bhopal Memorial Hospital.


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