Kidney Stone Surgery - Treatment and Medication for Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone Surgery - Treatment and Medication for Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone Surgery - Treatment and Medication for Kidney Stones

In normal conditions, stomach aches usually go unnoticed. It is only when you feel severe pain in you abdomen, you go for a check up. This is completely natural. As we might not think over for these symptoms of kidney stones, they are not being noticed. You feel severe and unbearable pain in your stomach, when your doctor prescribes you for an ultrasound, where you come to know about your kidney stones.

In most of the cases, stones in the kidney are too small and tiny that with proper medication, these tiny stones pass through the urine only. This happens in the initial stage. But when you feel the pain while passing fluid, you need to get it operated. However, a surgery is required in very rare cases like when even after the medication; the stones do not clear the path or your urinary system. But when the kidney stones are small, they can give you terrible pain. However, this pain vanishes after taking proper diet and medicines as prescribed.


It is not essential that for every case of kidney stone surgery is required. However, there are very good obstetrics and urology hospitals in Delhi NCR that provides proper medication and treatment for kidney stones. If you are in severe pain, your doctor will give you painkillers or injectibles which will relief to your pain. This is the initial stage of the treatment. Other than this, the patient may also be given dosage of prescribed medication which he/she needs to take regularly.

Along with this proper guidance and care is advised by the doctors to the patients. The patient may be advised to wait in the toilet and collect the stones when it flushes out from the urinary tract. However, sometimes when the stones are too tiny, you may not even know whether the stone has been flushed out or not. A kidney stone surgery is only recommended when the stone does not flush out even after injectibles or medications. Apart from this medication, self care is also advised. The patient needs to increase the intake of fluids like water and juices so that the stones can be flushed out easily. Foods that contain seeds are asked not be consumed by the patient who’s suffering from kidney stones.

Admission in good hospitals for kidney stone surgery is only advised when after all the check ups, the kidney stone is still found in your ureter and has yet not moved out of the urinary tract. In cases where kidney stones are too big to be removed naturally or by injectibles or medications, the patient can be advised to treat it by operating it. A kidney stone surgery may include -

  • Open surgery
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Nephrolithotomy
  • Laprscopy

These are the various types of procedures which may be required only in cases where kidney stones cannot be treated naturally.

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