Pain in your joints? - Here's a look at the best Orthopedic Hospital in Delhi NCR

Pain in your joints? - Here's a look at the best Orthopedic Hospital in Delhi NCR

Pain in your joints? - Here's a look at the best Orthopedic Hospital in Delhi NCR

Acute pain in the knees, fingers, and other joints is what you feel at a certain age. This is something that each one of experience. Though there is no age for such problems, but these problems can occur at any age, irrespective of gender.

You may experience acute pain or inflammation in your knees which is called arthritis. This is a form of joint disorder which grows as you grow old. People say that there are certain home remedies for such acute pain. But actually there is not. However, sometimes some of you may experience a little difference by using home remedies. But that does not last longer. If you feel any type of joint pain, refer a good orthopedic doctor nearby you. This problem should not be neglected as it will have severe consequences as you grow old.

Pain in the joints is often characterized by arthritis or rheumatism. Often there can be some or the other form of disorder in the bones due to acute and severe pain and if not treated on time. This grows with time and affects largely the old aged people. This sometimes becomes terrible in the old age, if neglected. Severe pain in the joints, swelling in joints, redness on the affected area, limited movement of that body part, pain in moving the affected body parts and many such problems worsen with time, as you grow old.

So if you experience any of such problems, it's high time that you see a good doctor.

Symptoms of Joint Pain:
  • Acute and unbearable pain in joints
  • Redness and swelling on and near that affected area
  • Stiffness in the joint
  • No or less movement of the joint


In initial stages, arthritis can be managed by simple oral pills and medication. Though there are best hospitals like the Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Baraut, which specializes in the treatment of joint pain. The experts here will guide you properly from square one. In the initial stage the doctors will advise for anti inflammatory drugs which will not only reduce pain but will also help controlling it further.

However, the best orthopedics hospitals in Delhi NCR specializes in all sorts of joint replacement surgeries. Various surgical interventions and various bone density tests are performed by the highly skilled team of doctors available here. Only after these tests, will your orthopedic doctor tell you whether you need a joint replacement surgery or only medication will help.

You will get the best of the treatment from the best orthopedics doctor in Delhi/NCR. The doctors advise surgery only after complete intervention of surgical processes. You will surely not be guided in a wrong manner. As you are in the best hands.

There are various types of treatments available. However each patient is different and will receive treatment according to his/her health and also depending up on the severity of his problem.

A few of such treatments which are taken up by the best orthopedics doctor in Delhi NCR are:

  • Total knee replacement
  • High tibial osteotomy
  • Total hip replacement
  • Unicondylar knee replacement

Many other treatments are provided by the team of best orthopedics treatments here at Bhopal Memorial Hospital. They are pioneer of the best orthopedics hospitals in Delhi NCR.

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