Epidemiology of Gall bladder by Dr Rehan, Gallbladder Surgeon at Bhopal Memorial Hospital

Epidemiology of Gall bladder by Dr Rehan, Gallbladder Surgeon at Bhopal Memorial Hospital

Epidemiology of Gall bladder by Dr Rehan, Gallbladder Surgeon at Bhopal Memorial Hospital
The term:

Laparoscopic Cholescytectomy is the procedure of removal of gallbladder by laparoscopy. This is procedure in which laparoscopic techniques are done to remove the gallbladder. This is the minimally invasive surgery which describes the techniques of surgical procedures with assistance of laparoscopy with several computerized techniques. Bhopal Memorial Hospital and many reputed hospitals in Baraut specialize in these techniques of surgery. There are many reputed hospitals across India which treats the gallstones removal and gall bladder removal by laparoscopic technique.

How is the gallbladder removed?

Jus like the disease of gallbladder is costly; similarly the normal surgery that was performed years ago and still is performed is quite costly. The open surgery that was to be performed earlier used to be complicated too. Gradually the change came and thus with this change and advancement in technology, the surgery for gall bladder removal became minimally invasive.

A cholescytectomy is the most commonly performed surgery for gall bladder removal. There are tiny stones that form in gall bladder due to various unknown reasons. These stones, very much unlike the kidney stones cannot be removed non-surgically. Hence laparoscopic cholescytectomy is the only procedure performed at Bhopal Memorial Hospital and many reputed hospitals in Baraut for removal of gallstones.

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The Procedure:

For this surgery various computerized surgical equipment are required. The surgery is performed by putting small incisions, about four to five cuts depending up on the patient’s condition, then inserting a thin and tiny video camera which revolves all inside the gallbladder. It has various tiny parts which are inserted through tiny cuts or incisions. These tiny instruments are put into the abdomen through these cuts. This is how a gall bladder is removed. In some cases larger incisions are made to remove the gall bladder. But that depends upon the patient’s condition. For such conditions, Bhopal Memorial Hospital is fully equipped with advanced techniques of laparoscopy..

Lifetstlye and diet post surgery:

For many lifestyle changes after getting the gall bladder removed. Though there is no evitable change or impairment in your digestive system even after your gall bladder is removed. But you should still take no chance and avoid eating fatty and unhealthy junk food. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to recover after the surgery is performed. Though after the surgery, you have to stay in the hospital for 3 to 5 days depending up on the recovery status of the patient. But your recovery time will be longer. However, it might take around 6 to 8 weeks to recover and get back to normal and routine activities.

Food and Medication:

The doctors generally advise to take proper intake of food and medications prescribed after the removal of the gall bladder or gall stones. Medication is taken till the doctors prescribe for the same. This is one of the biggest myths that after the removal of one's gall bladder, the digestive system will be affected.

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