Gallbladder Removal Surgery - Benefits and Effects

Gallbladder Removal Surgery - Benefits and Effects

Gallbladder Removal Surgery - Benefits and Effects

In the previous articles we have dealt with as to what is laparoscopic cholescytectomy? How is the laparoscopic hernia surgery performedWhat is open surgery versus single incision surgery? There were many aspects that were taken into consideration. Hence this article needs to be a bit different. In this article, we will study about the benefits and effects of the most popular single incision surgery which is also called the “laparoscopic cholescytectomy.”

We all are now well aware that the surgery which is performed to remove the gallstones or the gallbladder is called the laparoscopic cholescytectomy. This is the newest technique of surgery which uses single hand operation by putting a single incision or just 3 to 4 incisions as required. This technique has evolved a new form of surgery where open surgery is not at all required. With the advancement of techniques, the doctors are using this single incision technique to operate. The surgery is being performed at many reputed hospitals including the Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Baraut.

Benefits of Laparoscopy:

This type of surgery is less invasive and a better way to cure any gallstones or any other disease in the gall bladder, until unless the entire gallbladder needs to be removed.

  • It is performed using a laparoscope which is a thin tube that is inserted in the inside of your body by help of 3 to 5 small incisions which are almost 1 inch long.
  • This is minimally invasive form of surgery which requires skill and perfection but takes less time as compared to an open surgery.
  • It takes almost a month only for the patient to recover completely. In the earlier basic form of surgery almost 2 to 4 months were taken by the patients to recover fully.
  • There are no such side effects of this type of technique as this is almost a small surgery with small incisions.
  • By the help of this technique, your gallbladder muscles are not required to be cut, as it was in the normal surgery.
  • Makes your recovery quicker because of small incisions.
  • After laparoscopic technique, you just need to stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 days or as the patient’s health advice.
  • There isn’t much pain because the incisions are smaller and so are the stitches. Though it takes to recover completely, but with lesser pain.
  • No such precautions need to be taken after a laparoscopic cholecysttectomy.


Let's discuss about the effects which might happen to the patients while we provide laparoscopic surgery treatment at Bhopal Memorial Hospital Baraut.

  • It depends on the patients’ condition and health issues whether he/she is advised for an open surgery or a laparoscopic one.
  • If you tend to bleed a lot during the surgery, then open surgery is feasible for you as it becomes better for the surgeon to view the inside of your stomach.
  • This technique is a bit costly as compared to the former one.
  • In very rare cases, the bile duct or your intestine or any other organ might get injured while inserting the instrument inside. Reason being that the incisions are too small to see anything clearly.

For performing a laparoscopic technique for gall bladder removal, the doctor needs to be skilled and a perfectionist so that no complications are seen. And, at Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Dr Rehan is the specialist and perfectionalist in hernia surgery that is the reason, he is a well-known Gallbladder Surgeon in Delhi NCR.

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